Forthcoming Publications:

“Archives, Creative Memoirs and Queer Counterpublic Histories: The Case for Text-as-Record.” Archives and New Modes of Feminist Research. Routledge, 2018.

Recent Publications:faye-chisholm-guenther-photo-indoors-png-smaller

“Archives, Creative Memoirs and Queer Counterpublic Histories: The Case for the Text-as-Record.” Archives and New Modes of Feminist Research,  Australian Feminist Studies.   Issue 91 – 92. 2017

“A freeing of myself from this life from this city”: The Queer Spaces of the Hudson River Piers in Close to the Knives: A Memoir of Disintegration by David Wojnarowicz.” Urban Transformations in the USA. Transcript / Columbia University Press, 2016.

Upcoming Conference Presentations:

October 24, 2018. “Exploring a Literary Archive of Queer Spaces in New York City.” Sheridan Creates 2018. Brampton, Canada.

Recent Conference Presentations:

April 6, 2018. “Deconstructing Gentrification in Queer Spaces: Samuel R. Delany’s Analysis of Urban Health and Justice in Times Square Red, Times Square Blue (1999).” Urban Affairs Association 2018 Conference. Toronto, Canada.

May 30, 2017. “Queer Conservations and Literary Archives of Queer Spaces.” Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English, Congress 2017 of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Ryerson University. Toronto, Canada.

March 25, 2017.  “Representations of Queer Counterpublic Temporalities in Post-Stonewall New York City.” Underground Adventures: Temporal Experimentation in Postwar Countercultures. Humboldt University. Berlin, Germany.